Sunday, May 1, 2011

OTB Enjoys A Very Successful Weekend In The Sun!!!

Wow! What a fun day in the sun. Great weekend of racing. We had 12 teammates on the top 10 board this weekend:

Longbranch Masters/Juniors State Championships :

30-39 Cat. 1,2,3
Alex Walker: 9th Place

35+ 1,2,3 Women
Jodie Bolt: 8th Place

30-39 Cat. 4/5
Chris Nelson: 7th Place

40-49 Cat. 4/5
Joel Jones: 4th Place

Steve Matson: 10th Place

Mark Underwood: 4th Place

Junior B
Nolan Brady: 3rd Place

Vance Creek Senior State Road Championship :

Cat. 4
Ben Storrar: 4th Place
Barney Gill: 9th Place
Andrew Austin: 10th Place

Cat. 3 Women
Jodie Bolt- 5th Place

40+ 4/5's
Matt Molzan: 5th Place

Tom Hackleman: 1st Place

Congrats to all of you! Great work!

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