Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Considering Cross Training in the Off Season?

Then you must check out our own VP...Joel Jones! He means business while racing "Santa Runs Tacoma" last Saturday. Joel doesn't mess around pushing 2 kids at once. Great job Joel!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Happy Holidays from Narrows Velo!

Thought you might all enjoy this excerpt from RoadBikeRider.com:

Made your New Year's resolutions yet? Didn't think so.

I resolve . . . .

---not to begrudge riders who have gotten faster than me. I will smile and say "Great job!" as they drop me on hills. I will not spread rumors about going to a party at their home and seeing used syringes and testosterone patches in the trash.

---not to spend so much money on bike parts. I will not tell my partner that by buying cycling equipment I am helping end worldwide recession. On family shopping trips, I will not point out that our kids already have shoes that more or less fit whereas I do not have ceramic-bearing derailleur pulleys.

---not to get upset when the numbers from my power meter/heart monitor/cyclecomputer/feeble brain are not what I think they should be. I will not make up excuses, like, "If it wasn't so cold, my output would've been 10 watts higher." Or, "I coulda gone 30 seconds faster if I had some ceramic-bearing derailleur pulleys, which cost less than a pair of kids' sneakers."

---not to talk incessantly about cycling with non-cyclists. When Great Aunt Hortense says this year's holiday turkey was even moister than last year's, I will not reply, "Speaking of this year, can you believe Lance finished third in the Tour?"

---not to get stressed when I miss a ride. I will not pout. I will rejoice in the opportunity to complete home-improvement projects, attend ballet performances and/or Monster Truck rallies, and drive children to their sporting events or music classes in far-off locales.

---not to be so rigid about things. Like New Year's resolutions.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Weekend Rides December 5th & 6th

Weekend Rides are on! Details to be posted soon. Same meeting places and times. Don't pass up this nice, crisp, sunny weather!

Here is the Saturday route:


Your ride leader for Saturday is Tom Hackleman. Ride Safe & Watch out for silent Rotweilers!

Sunday route: Leaving Susannes in GH @ 9AM, then heading to UP and then off to Dupont and back to GH.