Thursday, December 17, 2009

Happy Holidays from Narrows Velo!

Thought you might all enjoy this excerpt from

Made your New Year's resolutions yet? Didn't think so.

I resolve . . . .

---not to begrudge riders who have gotten faster than me. I will smile and say "Great job!" as they drop me on hills. I will not spread rumors about going to a party at their home and seeing used syringes and testosterone patches in the trash.

---not to spend so much money on bike parts. I will not tell my partner that by buying cycling equipment I am helping end worldwide recession. On family shopping trips, I will not point out that our kids already have shoes that more or less fit whereas I do not have ceramic-bearing derailleur pulleys.

---not to get upset when the numbers from my power meter/heart monitor/cyclecomputer/feeble brain are not what I think they should be. I will not make up excuses, like, "If it wasn't so cold, my output would've been 10 watts higher." Or, "I coulda gone 30 seconds faster if I had some ceramic-bearing derailleur pulleys, which cost less than a pair of kids' sneakers."

---not to talk incessantly about cycling with non-cyclists. When Great Aunt Hortense says this year's holiday turkey was even moister than last year's, I will not reply, "Speaking of this year, can you believe Lance finished third in the Tour?"

---not to get stressed when I miss a ride. I will not pout. I will rejoice in the opportunity to complete home-improvement projects, attend ballet performances and/or Monster Truck rallies, and drive children to their sporting events or music classes in far-off locales.

---not to be so rigid about things. Like New Year's resolutions.

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