Monday, March 28, 2011

We're Back!

The racing season has begun! OTB is already chipping away with many top 10 finishes so far. Great work! Let's keep up this momentum.

Here is a groups entry from the weekend @ IVRR written by Joel Jones:

A fun day in the saddle. Surprisingly just before the start of the
race the rain stopped and things began to dry out and the race began.
The field of +/- 50 with Gary, MM, JR, Darol and Swanneee.

The pace started out very relaxed with nobody to excited to do much
work before the big hill. A Starbucks rider slowly road away from the
group and nobody really thinking much about it…. Famous last words… As
we approached the base of the hill he kept looking back to see when we
were going to come up to him but we never did. He hit the hill hard
and was gone for the rest of the day; an amazing ride by him out on
his own for 40 miles! At the bottom of the 1st climb two others went
off the front for a couple miles one came back and the other stayed
out. The rest of the race was a little bit of frustration as there
was no organization or desire to bring back the riders out front
despite several attempts by MM and myself to rally some troops to get
it going. Matt & I would take a couple of good pulls at the front and
then wait for the rider that would never come through. Early season
racing at its finest. Coming down the 1st climb on the 2nd lap
another rider went off the front and once again nobody responded or
cared to respond. During the 2nd lap and acceptance that we would not
be able to bring anybody back I focused on maintaining good
positioning for the finish. Coming off the final climb I was sitting
3rd and was able to stay in the top 10 despite a couple riders passing
on my left over the yellow line. Fully rested and cruising at 20 mph
pace finally at 1k the lone Cucina guy goes hard and stretches us out
a little. Still on the left and in the top 10 we hit the 200 m mark
and I gave it all I had through a great line getting my first 1st in
the field sprint.

Thanks guys for all the congrats and high 5’s after the race; great to
be part of the team!