Friday, October 30, 2009

Saturday 10/31/09 Ride

We will be riding from Cutters Point on Saturday morning at 9:00. Route TBD. Hope to see you there and bring fendors if wet!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Weekend Rides October 24th & 25th

Saturday 10/24:

Meeting early (8:15) at Susannes Deli in GH to meet the rest of the crew in Tacoma by 9:00, ride to be determined from there.
Range: 30-60 miles (2-4 hrs). Target 16-17 mph avg. (fall start pace). Weather: Mostly clear/cloudy.

Sunday 10/25:

Meet @ Susannes @ 9AM. Head to Southworth Ferry Terminal (possible loop or out and back).
Range: 30-50 miles (2-3 hrs).  Target 16-17 mph avg. (fall start pace). Weather: Rain Likely-fenders a must.

UPDATE: Route Posted Here:

Friday, October 16, 2009

Saturday 17th Ride

Looking forward to a ride Saturday and lets hope for dry weather!

The ride:
Meet at Cutters 9:00 roll at 9:10. Over the bridge to the trail. Around the Harbor and out Cresent Valley to the Ollala Bridge. We can then decide to head back on Peacock or add some miles by traveling north. If we head back the ride will be +/- 40 miles.

It is likely to be wet on Saturday, please be sure to put on your fenders w/buddy flaps!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sunday Longbranch RR course

It looks like I have this Sunday off. I would like to meet anyone who would like to preview the possiable course choices. I would like to meet at the Purdy park&ride at 9:00 am. We could then carpool to the longbranch community center. I want to ride the course both directions. The weather sunday looks OK. Please sound off if you are interested.


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Saturday October 3rd ride:
How does this sound to everyone?: We'll leave Cutter's Point Coffee Shop at 6th & Orchard at 9:00. Go down N 30th to Schuster Pkwy, Pacific Av. to 509 (short freeway ride), across tideflats to Marine View Dr., to Browns Pt., to Dash Pt. to 1st Av. (we're in Fed Way now), down to Redondo and back up to 272nd, under I-5, 272nd becomes 277th which drops down to West Valley Hwy. From there we could head back to town (should be about 50-55 miles) through Sumner or go further to Victor Falls or Orting or both (more like 70-80 miles. Hey, Rich, what does Map My Ride say about this course?) The biggest problem I see with this route is that, while doable, its not a great out-and-back course for the 'cross guys who want to go a little easier or those who need to get back earlier. Let's hear from you guys. But it is an awesome ride that we haven't done in quite some time. See y'all there.