Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thanksgiving Morning "Dog Dodge Ride" ***POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE DUE TO WEATHER***

In honor of teammate, Matt Becker, who took the big hit from "The
Silent Psycho Dog" last Thankgiving Day during our ride, we are
gearing up for another try at this. Matt has bravely volunteered to
join us again and will be there with gun in hand. To help ward off
dogs, we ask that you will bring "silver bullet" dog propellant (they
say it works with werewolves, use your imagination, I hear Coors Light
is a possibility).

Date: Thanksgiving Morning 11/25 *****POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE*****
Place: Meet @ Susannes Deli @ 8AM
Route: Same as last year (Olalla, Port Orchard)
Length: About 2-3 Hours of Dog Dodging Fun
Pace: Social 14-16

Please Chime in if you will be there. Bring your "competent" riding
friends, it's an open ride. Hope to get a big turnout.

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