Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Congrats to our racers last weekend, Victory for OTB!

Props to Steve Matson for placing 1st in the Masters Race at Mason #1, and also for Jodie Bolt (6th) and Lori Swanson (7th) for placing top 10 in the Womens. Outstanding! Also job well done at the Icebreaker Timetrial (photo).

Race Report (snippet) by Steve Matson:
We had a great day today in the Masters C/D race with eight guys in   
the field: Joel, Choi, Nelson, Michael, Chuck, Swanee, Darol, and me.
Awesome turnout! Right after the neutral roll out our guys went to
the front and pushed the pace; everyone worked hard (except me), and
in the end I got lucky and won the sprint. The results weren't posted
when I left, so I don't know how others placed, but everybody
finished and we had a blast. It was cloudy and cool, but with no rain
at all. 

Race Report by Lori Swanson:

Thanks to everyone for all the Congrats to Jodie and I! We had a great time
and I was thankful to get the 1st race jitters out of the way. 

 In the Cat 4 women's races there's never a dull moment!  Jodie and I were
thankful to survive several near misses and some sketchy pack riding.
Overall, it was Group Health that dominated the race by sending riders,  one
after the other,  off the front of the pack. 

Jodie and I maintained our positions in the front of the pack for both laps.
In the last 200 meters I had great outside position for the sprint but
completely blew it by going way too early. As I was about to cross the
finish line, I see this streak of blue and white go flying by me at top
speed! There went Jodie, blowing through the front of the pack for another
top 10 finish! Jodie you are amazing! Not to mention that you have been
dealing with injuries the past 2 weeks.  Scary to think what you'll do when
you are 100%!!!!! 

Congratulations again to the OTB Men!  Steve - what a way to start out the
season with a 1st place finish!  Great job to all the guys who worked to set
up the win and fought to stay rubber side down.  Matt said that was the
craziest Master's race he's ever raced in.   

Thanks again for allowing me to race with OTB! We have an amazing group of
people on this team! 

Have a great week! Lori J 

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