Thursday, January 21, 2010

Saturday 1/23/10 Ride

Wanted - Riders for this Saturday.

60 miles. Victor Falls - So Prairie - Orting and back. One monster
climb out of Sumner (regrouping at the top of the hill) then
relatively flat. Those who do not want to climb can stay on the
lowlands and meet up with us in So Prairie. The pace will be a base pace and easy on the hill working on strength.

Pending weather conditions the ride will have two hot spots. One going out at the Puyallup Town Line on Levee Road and then coming back at the Fife Town Line. Town lines will be called out ahead of time
with a safe/not safe.

Remember your Fenders and protect your buddy with a buddy flap!

Meet at Cutters 9:00 and rolling at 9:10 sharp.

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