Sunday, September 20, 2009

It's Cyclocross Season! Recap of Starcrossed @ Marymoor...

All I can say is "What a Night!". It all started during the afternoon watching Alex Walker kick it off to a great start in the Men's 4 division. He was looking so strong and inching towards the front 5 every lap. As it neared the end Alex put on his "race face". Notice the determination in this picture:

Job Walker! He placed 9th overall out of a boat load of crazies, not to mention he was in a fixed gear!!! Good God man!

Next up was Ross Gilbert in the men's 1/2 division. What a major accomplishment to even race in this category. Ross was looking confident when he opted for a sip of my Deschutes IPA. I could see a twinge of nervousness, but still confident. He was gliding like a gazelle through the barricade jumps and really pouring on the heat during the straightaway sprint area. Great job Ross to finish around the 30th place out of 100 guys! (remember 1/2's!!!).

Also did
n't want to leave out Kyle who raced in the Elite Mens class. Way to go Kyle (sorry I didn't get any pics of you). Kyle looked like he had a jet pack attached to him the whole race and he really gave it an amazing effort.

Then of course you always have the true mad men. I managed to get a picture of the big hair fat guy:
And Robot Man:

And The Bunny Hopping Bandit (Alias Mr. Grey Shorts):

Great Job, Good Times.

Until next year...

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